Unity Sweatshirt Black

This comfy long sleeve shirt is made of medium weight 100% organic cotton knit, and is soft and easy to wear. The original print represents nature’s treasures and symbolizes balance, abundance, flow and unity. Can you find the little world map? Great! Or the pearls inside the wave? Sweet!

All the shirts have been made to order in Murphy, NC, USA, and will ship within 1-2 weeks. As each pair is hand made there are subtle variations in the designs. Thank you for you patience and support. <3

Wash in cool / warm. Turn inside out for washing.

Hang to dry or tumble dry low.

Iron from wrong side, low.

The black haired model is 5’4” and is wearing size L.

The blond haired model is 5’6” and is wearing size M.

The brunette model is 5'4" and is wearing size M.