“We believe in respect, kindness and
good vibes”

Friendsday is a sustainable fashion business located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, USA. Our passion is to make colorful, comfortable and fun clothing for people who value our beautiful natural resources as much as we do. We define sustainable fashion as using earth friendly materials, manufacturing everything in a transparent and humane way, and keeping waste in minimum. We believe in respect, kindness and good vibes.

We define slow fashion as

“to do the right thing for herself and the globe”

Aino Riiho started the company because she wanted to use her time on this planet doing something that will clearly have a positive impact on the world around her. We all have to be responsible for the big (and small) choices in our lives, right? Aino’s goal with Friendsday is to change the fashion industry, and to commit to a mission-passion project to do the right thing for herself and the globe.

She's also a dinner-party addict, an aspiring dancer and a great appreciator of friendships, even if it means video-chats across the globe at weird hours! She is originally from Finland, and has been living in NC with her beautiful family since 2016.

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