Eye Pillow

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Lay down on your back, get comfy, place the eye pillow on your eyes and relax. Let the calming lavender smooth the way and let yourself drift into a peaceful rest. Organic flax seeds give the pillow a nice weight that helps you keep calm and stay still.

All the eye pillows have been made to order in Murphy, NC, USA, and will ship within 1-2 weeks. As each pair is hand made there are subtle variations in the designs. Thank you for you patience and support. <3

Size: 4.5” x 8.5”

Pillow cover: Organic Cotton

Inside: Organic Flax Seeds & Organic Lavender Buds

Surface clean only

$ 25.00 USD

Pants Sizing

(for custom sizes, email


  • S: waist 26-29, inseam 26-28
  • M/L: waist 29-36, inseam 28-32
  • XL: waist 36-40, inseam 28-32
  • TALL: waist 36-40, inseam 32-36


  • S: waist 66-74, inseam 66-72
  • M/L: waist 74-93, inseam 73-81
  • XL: waist 94-102, inseam 73-81
  • TALL: waist 94-102, inseam 82-92