What would you ask your idol?

December 15, 2020

If you had the chance to have a conversation with your biggest idol, what would you ask them?

What if you could witness a conversation between TWO of your biggest idols - what do you think they would talk about?

I did the imagining with this little video that I scripted for a recent course. (The course was called Materializing in Craft Science, at the University of Helsinki.) It's a made up conversation between two of my idols - Clare Press (author, sustainable fashion activist and the host of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast) and Paulo Freire (a Brazilian educator, philosopher and radical).

The project started from a book, article or theory that we could choose from four different categories: sustainability, wellbeing, future and materia - all connected somehow to teaching crafts (it’s a master’s program for education, majoring in craft science). I chose two books from Clare Press, since I’m such a fan of her podcast and her work in general, and a book from Paulo Freire, since I’m using his theories on critical pedagogy in my thesis at the moment. They seem to fit the sustainable fashion and fashion revolution ideas pretty well. 

Then we made mind maps of the things that really got our attention and caught our interest from those books. This is when I got the idea of making a video, and thought it would be so cool to hear a podcast episode of the Wardrobe Crisis, with Mr. Freire as the guest! He was born in 1921 and passed in 1997 so unfortunately there’s no way he could actually be a guest at the show. The mind map looks crazy, but it was a good way to collect thoughts and arrange them to make some sense!

Next was the storyboard design, and then drawing the images, and finally putting them all up to iMovie and editing the video. I’d be more than happy to tell you all about that part, but won’t go into detail now. It gets nerdy really fast ;)

I learned so much, and the whole ‘materializing’ process was extremely inspiring for my thesis writing. And I got great feedback from my teachers and fellow students. Gratitude! Here's the video, in case you haven't seen in yet or want a second round.