Unity Shirts Photo Shoot

January 18, 2018

What a day with some amazing ladies! A pro photographer (Cory Marie Podielski), a pro make up artist (Misty Kelischek) and two crazy gorgeous friends who agreed to model for the photo shoot! I'm a lucky lady with such a dream team around to help with my business!

After naming the print "Unity", I got inspired to ask my beautiful friends Hannah and Molly to be the models. They are identical twins, and love each other like no other. I know Hannah (the one with the big hair) from living close to her here in Brasstown and dancing with in the same group of ladies (with our wooden cloggs on!). She's a yoga teacher, ayurvedic counselor, a potter and a singer/songwriter. Molly works as a postpartum doula. It was so cool to see the sisters hang out and be silly together. They come from an artsy/craftsy family, where they have gotten used to being photographed all through their lives. It was so nice and so easy to make them look good and happy in the pics! Sisters Unite!

For these pictures I wanted to have a bit of a tropical and magical feeling. So we added colorful fruits and flowers, and again kept on going with the white/light background. The jewelry is made by the wonderful Julie Mills, who happens to be our neighbor at the studio!

The final pics will be out soon, I just can't wait to see them and show them to the world!

Have a good week!!