Tips and treats for a happier, healthier spring of 2020

May 5, 2020

Hey there! How are you holding up with the new kind of living?

Are you getting used to being at home a lot? Are you finding ways to help yourself, or your loved ones? Is everything ok?

We're all trying to figure out how to stay sane in the middle of this, and we all have our own unique challenges to face. I hope you are doing well and that you have the support you need. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

I have been mostly home with the kids for over a month now, which sometimes feels like great fun and sometimes gets me pretty frustrated. And I think that's the case for many of us, right? Stress mixed with peace mixed with fear mixed with hope. Every day, many times!

Keeping our cool is sometimes easier with a little help from our friends - especially if they happen to be health coaches :) I had a nice talk about these weird times and how we are all in this together, with a dear friend of mine, Hannah Levin. She is a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic health coach, and she had some really interesting tips and advice for us on how to help ourselves feel better. I hope you enjoy the chat and get inspired!

Hannah's website is Heartfelt Wellbeing and there you can find all the wonderful things that she is currently offering!

As I mentioned in the video, I did the challenge of writing down 20 positive things that have come out of this weirdness. It did take some forcing and thinking, but I did it. I'll share it with you in hopes of it inspiring you to do the same. It does make you feel grateful and appreciative! Here we go:

1. More quality, relaxed time with my kids

2. Easier, more laid back mornings

3. Baking a bunch with the kids

4. Noticing the spring weather and being outside more

5. Feeling deeply that I'm on the right path with my work

6. Long video chats with my family and friends in Finland

7. Newfound appreciation towards our house and yard

8. Feeling more connected to my sweetie pie husband 

9. Less sitting in the car

10. Getting chicks and learning to deal with them

11. Watching the kids take care of the chicks

12. Seeing the pollution levels drop all around the world

13. Sending and receiving sweet messages from friends

14. Funny Zoom calls with friends

15. Continuing my Pilates classes by video chatting, and noticing my body feel stronger

16. Over all slowing down

17. Remembering to do guided meditations every night before falling asleep

18. Really loving the time I do get to be at the studio

19. The feeling of going to the bake shop and getting a cup of (take away) coffee someone else made - so luxurious!

20. Understanding even better the connection between fast food, fast fashion and the culture that is based on the idea that more/faster is always better. Also the connection between whole foods, slow fashion and generally the idea of more local, simpler living and appreciating clean materials and ingredients.

Whooa, that was a lot! It's pretty challenging not to list the hard and nasty stuff too accidentally, but most definitely worth the time and effort. Now show me yours!

Although I haven't had much time at the studio, I am still able to safely ship products to you. I have a small inventory, which I'm slowly growing as needed. 


As a little treat to celebrate spring and May flowers, I'm also giving you, dear reader, an exclusive 20% discount!

Use the discount code Spring2020 at the checkout. Valid until May 20, 2020.

You know that someone who names their business Friendsday is missing their friends like CRAZY right now. So if you do too, you're not alone in that! Feel free to message me at anytime, or ask questions about sustainability, or Finland, or pretty much anything. I'm here for you, sweetie!

Much love and respect,