The history of the name Friendsday

April 2, 2019

Happy Friendsday!!!

Back in Finland my company name was Tasapainokokoelma, which is finnish for 'balance collection'. For obvious reasons😆, I wanted to change the name as I continued making and selling clothes here in USA. And it was hard to think of a name that I liked as much as the previous one! Balance is such an essential thing in small and big scale, in the world, and it felt so fitting. AND, the word balance (tasapaino) has my name (Aino) inside it.

So, I started thinking of new names and different options that sound positive and fun and that would be easy to recognize and pronounce all over the world🌍👄...

In my life, different friends play a huge role in how I am and how I feel. I have close friends from every path of my life - elementary school friends, high school friends, hairdressing school and work friends (yes, I've worked as one for years), friends from open University classes, boyfriends, friends from dance classes, friends from shared apartments, friends from my University studies, friends from capoeira, friends from travels, friends of my family members, friends through my american family, mom&dad friends here in Murphy, friends I've met at different business / crafty / fashion events, the list goes on..!

And each one of these friends has played and continues to play a role in my life, and I'm SO lucky and grateful. I figured out at some point early on (probably a friend helped me figure it out😉) that we are all each others teachers and students, and so I approach everybody with a respect and curiosity of an excited student ready to learn. And sometimes I'm the teacher, and that's cool too!

So, 'friend' is the most positive and fun word I know, but on it's own, it didn't quite sound right, or enough. Playing around with it, I came across friendsday, which rhymes with Wednesday, and sounds sweet and fun. I thought of friendsdays as those days when the whole day is filled with different kinds of sweet interactions with friends, you know? Meet one at the school drop off or at work, then a lunch date with another, then a text or two with a third/fourth/fifth, then a play date or coffee with a sixth, before running home to have friends over for dinner🙌❤️ Now, for an introvert this might sound like too much (and not my every day is like this), but I LOVE IT!

And, to seal the deal, Friendsday is how we call Valentine's Day in Finland💕

If you read the whole thing, you're obviously a magical super star who's worth all the love and friendship in the world!!! 💕✨ I hope you have a good day! Maybe text or call a friend that you haven't heard from in a while?