Spring business :)

March 17, 2017

New retail shops, new shows and new products, and of course the kickstarted pants will make sure I'll be busy the whole spring! And I'm so glad it's really happening!

Here's a pile of baby and kid size pants in progress. Colorful, circusy, spring-happy. And way faster to make than the big adult ones. :) These little pants are made of the scraps that I make while cutting pieces for the adult pants. That way I can be faster with both - constructing adult pants of tiny pieces like this would take forever and create too many seams, but for kid size they give me the chance to combine the colors nicely.

Then, one might ask, what happens to the scrap pieces left behind from making the baby pants.. Well, they get put inside the mediation pillows!! And hurray, we're making close to zero waste!