Planning the future

May 9, 2018

As the babies get older and my ambition grows bigger, I start being more aware of my options and goals in this next chapter in my life. I am crazy exited to learn about the different sides of business, and feel so lucky to have people around me who I can ask help from. It's like everybody's my teacher! There's the Small Business Center with free coaching and classes, there's YouTube full of tutorials and lectures, there's the friend who went to business schools and opened his own successful business, there's the jewelry designer who works across the hall from my studio, there's all the other crafter friends who are on their own paths, there's my brother who's starting his business, there's all the nice audio books about doing ones thing... I could just go on and on! So there's a trend happening in my life, and among my friends, and it either wasn't there before, or I just didn't see it. Anyway, I'm so very happy that there's help out there, because it's not easy or simple to grow a tiny company!

Right now it's time to start planning for the fall, and even though sometimes it feels like it's far away, I know it's coming up so fast. We'll again spend the whole summer in Finland, and this time I'm taking work with me in a different way. Not only observing and supporting other small businesses by shopping their clothes, but by going to Fashion Weeks and meeting with people from the scene. I'm starting to take myself and the business more seriously, and it feels super good.

The goals are way high, (and I still feel shy about talking about them) but then again, what's the point of aiming low, right? ;) My ambition comes from a place of abundance and love, and gratitude for being the lucky duck that I am. I'm turning my privileged life into something meaningful, beautiful and good, and will make most out of the chances that have been given to me. Cheers to that!