Passion Project

June 11, 2019

It’s time to give a little sneak peak to the new print! It’s called Passion, and the products with this print are in the making now and available late summer / early fall :)

Passion is often connected with romantic love, french kisses and strong - even dramatic feelings, right? But this passion is also about passionately doing your thing and diving head first into whatever that is. Say, taking care of your health and maintaining a strong body. Which has been the theme of my past year for sure. In the fall of 2018 I started taking private pilates classes twice a week (although some weeks life gets in the way), stopped eating sugary treats and set myself a bedtime for 10pm. And it has definitely been very beneficial to my wellbeing! Being a happier, calmer person and feeling my abs and biceps again really helps with other passion projects too. Like growing a sustainable fashion business!

I wanted to design a print with a color scheme that’s new to me. In my mind, this Passion print has the strong deep colors of a mystical and powerful force, that drives us forward. I’ve been really into bright and fresh turquoise lately, and the tropical mix of yellows and pinks, and this one is something totally different. I’m thinking if the Unity print colors were from the kids movie Moana, these Passion print colors are from the movie Coco (if you haven’t seen these Disney animations yet, I highly recommend watching. They’re beautiful!).

This print will be out this fall and charm you on our sweaters, tops and more. All made of organic cotton, in USA. <3