Makers Summit in Greenville, SC.

March 6, 2017

Sometimes it happens that a girlfriend decides to celebrate her birthday in a conference for makers and small business owners. And what can you do? The price was pretty high and the way there some hours of driving, but something told me this is what I need to do! And yep, it was awesome. So inspiring, so interesting and so well organized. The speakers were great - super open and clear about their experiences and advice. The place was impressive and the schedule was well-thought. And the treats for breakfast and break times were incredible. All in alignment with the event theme, using local small businesses and cooperation. Very cool.

I wrote down pages and pages of notes and thoughts and ideas that now, a couple of days after, feel like little treasures that I can enjoy and take advantage of. Thoughts about how it feels to be a creative business owner, and how it sometimes can be overwhelming. How surrounding yourself with people who believe in you makes all the difference. How talking, sharing experiences and getting to know more small business owners will help everybody. And how healthy and fun it is to do it in real life instead of only online. How so many of us struggle with similar challenges, and how that's ok and normal. And how having the vocabulary to talk about business and social media and brand stuff helps a bunch. And how inspired, determent and happy I feel after a full weekend like that!! Thank you Makers Summit Greenville!