Love notes and tips on how to make them

February 10, 2020

This is a gentle reminder to start writing a little love letter to a friend or a sweetie - a granny would probably appreciate it too! 

Let’s do a little love note experiment together! 

1. Think of a friend who you want to gift and shower with love and appreciation.

2. Write down three things that make you feel grateful for having that person in your life. They can be tiny little things that make you smile and feel good. Maybe they make good food, or have a great laugh? Maybe they have beautiful hands, or always show up when you need help with buying a new car? Maybe they have an impressive knowledge on birds or other cool nature stuff?

3. Got it? Good. Now find a little card or a piece of paper and write down your thoughts. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I always love it when you crack a joke and smile to me with love in your eyes. You are so witty and fun, and also so kind and generous. I’m so happy we’re friends / sweeties / relatives!”


“Happy Friendsday to you! I love how you give me compliments on my designs and like or comment my little posts on social media. It makes me feel like you understand me and like you appreciate my work. I truly value your help in making this business a reality!” ;)

4. Put this wonderful note in an envelope and send or deliver it to the love. If you wanna get crafty, make and decorate the note yourself. (That’s what Pinterest is for, right?!)

A tiny note with some real thoughts of love is for sure better than a dozen plasticky ones. You can do it, my friend!

PS. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline for getting it shipped on time. Better late than never - they will be happy to get it even if it’s a little past THE date.