Kickstarter Make/100

January 31, 2017

Sooo exciting! We're doing a Make/100 Kickstarter project to open the pants business for a wider audience online. Shooting the video, making the whole Kickstarter page and publishing it a couple minutes ago was super fun! I feel like it's always healthy to do something kind of out of my comfort zone (like being in front of the camera instead of behind it). So wish us luck! Here's the link to the project.

Make/100 is a great project for us small businesses, because of the small scale thinking. No pressure of raising a $1 000 000, but just enough to get the online way of selling up and running. And it's been so nice to get help and support (tech support, language support, mental support) from friends living around the world <3 I feel so lucky to know and love people in such different places and careers. Thank you. Let's see where this leads us!