How to be a Minimalist Genius this Holiday season - 5 tips to a gifting success!

November 4, 2019

It’s time! The sooner you start planning the gifting, the more time you’ll have to come up with cooI ideas, and the less random crap you’ll end up buying last minute. I know it doesn’t come easy to all of us, so here’s some ideas that I’ve collected during the past years of trying to be a more conscious gift giver. Often we think of these things for kids, but adults love this stuff too!

1.Write down a list of the lucky people you’ll be gifting. Have it with you all the time, in case you think of something great. It’ll help you not to feel overwhelmed. 

2.Figure out when is your deadline for each gift. I want to send multiple packages to Finland every year, so I need to make sure that I have them ready to be shipped in the beginning of December. Will you be shipping some out? How much time do you need? Mark it in your calendar and add reminders not to forget :) 

3.Suggest a simpler gifting system to your family. Instead of everybody shopping random stuff for everybody, put everybody’s name in a basket, and then have people pull out one name - that’s who they will gift. So. Easy. We did this with adults in the family last year and it was great.

4.Make the most out of it. 

Meaning, think about giving gifts that YOU have made. It doesn’t have to be anything big. I once got a jar of bright red, homemade strawberry jam from a friend, and I’m still thinking about it VERY fondly. If you have a talent in making something cute, use it now. 

I love perishable gifts, because they get used instead of awkwardly piling up in corners and drawers for future generations to find. Think soap, herbal tea mix, pie, pickles, kimchi, cookies, ooh yummy..! Also, making something yourself gives you the opportunity to infuse it with LOVE. And we all want love.

5.Give time. 

Can you think of ways to do little favors to your family or friends? If they need babysitting, or closet organizing, offer to help, and make it a party. 

Could you take them somewhere? Tickets to the traveling circus, local theater or concert hall, or a date at the new coffee shop or restaurant in town are all wonderful ways to gift in an inmaterial way and also get to enjoy the time with your friends (or in-laws!).

Can you try out something new together? Is there a climbing wall near by that you’ve never thought of touching before, or a Pilates studio that you’ve been eyeing, or a trail that is wanting to be hiked and picnicked? Make it happen with a loved one who’s just waiting for you to ask :)

Dear Santa, I wish someone would take me to see a stand up comedian in Atlanta in 2020.

Pro tip: When writing your little card to let them know that awesome things are in the near future, add something like “must be used during the month of January” etc. to make it more specific, and for it to feel like it’s really happening. Follow up with a phone call or text in mid January (make a reminder about that to your calendar).

You can accidentally create amazing traditions here. Think about it! Wouldn’t it be lovely to ALWAYS get that jar of strawberry jam? (YES!) 

Good luck with your gift searching adventures!