August 5, 2018

As it turns out, one has to have all kinds of information and knowledge about businessy stuff, when thinking of growing from a microscopical business to a small business. So, I've looked into my options and figured out that the best thing for me is not to do an official degree on anything, but rather custom build my education from different sources available around me. So far, it's been a wonderful learning curve and I'm crazy grateful for all the opportunities that just seem to fall in my lap. And, I'm realizing that the unfinished Masters degree waiting for me in Helsinki has totally helped me in what I'm doing now. It's all about the same things, just in a different package. Here's a little list of my DIY business schooling from the past year, maybe it'll inspire you, or at least make me feel like I've accomplished something ;)

-Attending online marketing/ SEO/ social media/ bookkeeping classes at the local Small Business Center
-Meeting regularly with an awesome (and free!) business coach at the local Small Business Center
-Looking into hiring a social media marketing strategist
-Building a new, better website with my sweet brother
-Building a better e-commerce site with professionals
-Taking a workshop at the Manufacturing Solutions Center in Conover, NC, about the world of Cut&Sew (may I say, that was freakishly super important and cool and perfect!)
-Attending the Makers Summit in Greenville, SC
-Moving to a new studio space with people who are waaaay ahead of the game in being business owners
-Attending the meetings of a local, self made, Makers Collective in Brasstown every couple of months
-Taking the step to become an LLC
-Designing and prototyping new products to have a wider variety of clothing and price points
-Listening to audiobooks, youtubers and podcasts about being a business owner, creator, maker, grower and a fierce brave bad ass
-Taking care of myself by doing healthy things like not eating sugar, going to bed & waking up early and doing pilates twice a week
-Making sure my kids have a nice day care / school situation so that my time is also divided clearly between work time and family time

The list does look longer than I thought, and it feels great! Also, maybe you noticed that most of the things on this list are things that involve other people. It's one of the huge revelations of the past year - to grow, I need professional help and cooperation with other people! Most of my peers and fellow crafts people do make everything by them selves, and that's a whole other way of seeing all this. I need to step away from that, and bravely go where not so many of my friends or family members have gone before! It's so exciting and so scary and so satisfying!

Now, I'm off to the wonderful Fall Festival at the John C. Campbell Folkschool! I'll have a shared booth there, and I cant wait to see what people think about the new products!