A working mom

February 6, 2017

Today, coming to the studio and unpacking my things to start the day, I found a little toy piggy in my laptop bag. It made me smile and inspired me to write down thoughts about starting and running a  business while also being a mom of an almost 5-year-old and a 9-month-old. Mostly I feel like it's a little battle against time and energy, but today it made me smile. And I want to be better in taking it easier and being a more relaxed lady.

The mornings are the craziest for me with packing up and getting ready to go, in time. Remembering to take everything everybody needs, often is a bit too much, and something like my own breakfast or lunch gets left behind. I'm getting better in making sure there is a little snack stash at the studio.

Lunch for the school, dance class stuff (and the little hair ties), baby food, diapers and such, change of clothing, baby carrier, phone, keys, wallet, computer (and the cord), note book, calendar - check. Today I even got a mason jar of coffee to go from home, thanks to my dear husband :D

The most challenging thing for me is not having enough time.

That might be the case for all the small business owners though. Managing the hours of the day, making sense into deciding between actual crafting, getting the materials, doing the paper work, doing the online marketing, keeping up the social media presence. Right now the baby is sleeping, so I can write this. But I can't use the sewing machine, especially not the serger, that would wake him up which would make working pretty slow.

This spring will be interesting in many ways. The baby is getting older and I feel like and can leave him with his dad or grand parents or a baby sitter for the morning or afternoon, or sometimes even for the whole day. Which will totally make things clearer for my studio time. I'll be so fast and efficient!! Until then, I'll be happy and make the most out of changing, feeding, bouncing, walking to nap, and making sure no pin needles are eaten from the floor ;)

The spring is also very exciting with the Kickstarter project starting out so well, and with planning some new shows around the area. If you haven't already seen the Kickstarter project, check it out from the previous post!