A quick update and a few ideas to do at home :)

March 21, 2020

Hello there Friend,

How are you holding on with the big changes? Are you stuck at home by yourself, or with someone? If you have company, are you getting along? ;) I hope all is well at your home and you have everything you need.

All this change will naturally affect my work too, so I thought I’d give you a little update on that. 

Because Friendsday is a one person business, meaning I design and sew everything you see on the website, I only carry a small inventory. I’m now in the process of checking the inventory, and making sure I don’t sell anything I don’t have (or don’t have the materials for). It is safe for me to come to the studio, since it’s only me here, but I can’t welcome anybody here for an order pick up, since there has been some official corona cases close to where we live. 

As long as the post offices are open, I’m ready and able to ship packages to you. It might take a little longer than usually, but probably no more than 2 weeks. And actually, maybe some athleisure wear would be pretty suitable for this weird era. Wearing something comfy might even inspire you to do a little stretch, or maybe look up a whole yoga / pilates / handstand class online!

You can find the rest of our inventory in the Shop, and I'll be in touch when we have more products made and it's safe to go out in to the world!

I’ve been pretty quiet in social media for the past week, since it’s been quite an adjustment to figure out the new routine. I’m now homeschooling a second grader and have a three-year-old at home too, which obviously takes time and also a bunch of headspace. Our family is doing fine though, since my husband can work remotely. 

I have to admit that I almost let the fear get me a couple of days ago, because of all the uncertainty. I lost one night of sleep, and then decided that I need to bring back the tools that I have to get rid of any stress and anxiety that might try to creep up. And now I want to share my main tools with you! I am not getting paid for recommending these following courses or videos, but they’re something that I’ve done and loved, and just really believe they can help all of us.

A dear friend of mine, Hannah Levin, is a yoga teacher, musician, potter and an ayurvedic counselor (health coach), and is hosting an online community on Facebook called “Sleep, Eat, Thrive” where she teaches basically how to feel better in your body and live more in tune with the seasons for FREE. She has an interesting sounding Spring Detox coming up soon too, more info in the group (link below). In addition, this beautiful lady is offering a FREE series of yoga classes online, at a Facebook group called “Yoga and More with Hannah - Day by Day”, starting TODAY. I love Hannah, and I wholeheartedly recommend checking these out.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleep.eat.thrive/ to join the Sleep, Eat, Thrive Facebook group.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/daybydaywithhannah/ to see the free Yoga classes on Facebook.

Another very powerful tool that I’ve used to fight stress, is an online course called Free to Heal. It’s a clearly structured package of easy practices that concentrate on feeling GRATITUDE, and by doing so, getting rid of unconscious stress, and the symptoms that it brings to our bodies. I’m halfway done with the course, but I’ve already taught myself to become a normal sleeper (after years and years of not sleeping well). Building strong immunity is what we all want now, and I believe this is a great way to do it. Might sound a bit woowoo, but it’s said to work even if you wouldn’t believe in it. This online course is not free, but worth every dollar. The lady leading it is also Finnish, but she offers the course in English too. Let me know how you like the accent!

Go to www.freetoheal.org to learn more about the Free to Heal -method.

I truly hope you can feel good and enjoy life while adjusting to these big changes, and I really hope you stay safe and healthy. Also, I consider you as my friend, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We’re all here to help each other, right?

Also, If you are a teacher, a nurse, or a doctor or work at the post office (or another place that is in high demand now), THANK YOU. You have all the adjusting to do, AND you might be working overtime. Know that we see you, appreciate you and really respect you!

Much love,