A little love affair with Photoshop :)

October 2, 2017

Print design is something I've been thinking and planning for years already. Our last visit to Finland this summer really helped me in getting inspired and knowing there's a big show ahead actually got the ball rolling. I really want to have something nice and new to offer at th at the John C Campbell Folk School in the beginning of October. It's great to have some deadlines that make me do things fast and efficient!

This print started out with looking up images of things I find beautiful or somehow meaningful. I printed a pile of pictures that I found online - big ocean waves, pearl necklaces, hands, a map, lotus flowers and birch leaves. Then I traced the pictures through the paper with a pencil to have simple drawn images of the pictures. Then I photographed those drawings and downloaded them to the photoshop. The image had a hundred million layers when I worked on choosing, combining, scaling and cropping all the parts. For the first time ever, I also wanted to try out making a continuing pattern. And it was so much fun! And so slow! And a bit stressful! But I'm really happy with the result. These cotton fabrics will make shirts, maybe skirts or dresses. The canvas will make parts of meditation pillows.

At this point it's also essential to mention thais the company that printed the image on the fabrics! They are based in Durham (NC!), and have a wide selection of fabrics, also some organic ones, that I chose for my designs. Their website and service is easy to use and they have a whole big community of crafters and designers that are into pattern design. Check it out!